Future Plan

Amader Gram Cancer Care & Research Center (AGCRC)

Amader Gram has taken initiatives to provide affordable and accessible high quality cancer health care to large numbers of poor rural Khulna division Bangladeshi adults by implementation of routine processes and rational integration of critical activities into medical-task-focused, innovative, mutually reinforcing and sustainable social businesses.

The proposed Centre site is 5 km from the main Khulna-Mongla-Rampal-Bagerhat highway, and will have a major informational technology hard-wire connection from the main cable that runs along this highway. The site is also within 5 km of the proposed and land-prepared site for a regional airport.

Over the next 5 years from 2020 Amader Gram proposes to construct 5 buildings on a 8.2 acres campus. Under Amader Gram Social Enterprises, these structures will be the homes for 5 separate programs:

  1. A Diagnostic and Treatment Planning Clinic
  2. A Surgical Treatment Center
  3. A Radiation Therapy Center
  4. A eHealth Innovation Center
  5. A Training Institute for Cancer Health – specific knowledge and skills education.

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